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Pinpoint by Mark43

Aug 18, 2020

Arrest a teen, and his family members are instantly primed for radicalization and terrorist recruitment. It's not because they believe in a radical ideology; it's because they love their families. 

Recruitment is a process. The question facing us, then, is, how can we interrupt that process and decrease the numbers of new recruits into terrorist organizations, leading to smaller and less powerful terror groups?

On this episode of Pinpoint, we sit down with Dr. Ahmet Yayla, director of the Center for Homeland Security and assistant professor of homeland security at DeSales University. Dr. Yayla also spent 20 years in counterterrorism with the Turkish National Police

We discussed such topics as:

-Potent techniques for interrupting the terrorist recruitment process

-How terrorists recruit new members through social networking

-Solutions for outwitting terrorist recruiters on social media

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